The main attribute in a Paagal Khana Entree is the generous sprinkling of Tender Loving Care mixed gregariously with the choicest and freshest ingredients and condiments. This potent amalgamation assures your guests of the most fantastic gastronomic experience ever. Our promise is to prepare every morsel only for it to be savoured to the fullest.

Because the only thing better than good food is amazing food:

Nasi Goreng                           Paneer Tikka Biryani

Grilled Vegetable Bake         Ravioli

Enchiladas                              Khao Suey

Thai Curry with Rice             Vegetable Bakes

Potato, Spinach and Corn Bake

Italian Gravy with Herbed Rice

Spinach Rice with Coconut Curry

Pasta in a Red / White / Pink / Aglio olio sauce

Mexican Yellow Rice with Stir Fry Vegetables

We can’t put a price to genius but if you ask, we will let you know.

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