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The only thing better than a whole cake is a cake that is bite sized. Yes, you guessed it…we are talking about the greatest invention after the wheel…the gorgeous, decadent, ganache centered, Cupcake. Sink your teeth into the moist sponge while you savour the awesomeness of the most delicious frosting, all while holding them with your fingertips. Chose from an incredible array of over 15 flavours and textures. Spoiling you for choice is only the beginning of a very delicious journey ahead.

Because Less is often More… :

Vanilla cupcakes                              Chocolate cupcakes                              Velvet cupcakes

Rainbow cupcakes                          Marbled cupcakes                                  Coconut cupcakes

Lime cupcakes                               Orange cupcakes                                    Coffee cupcakes

Banana cupcakes                          Cola cupcakes                                          Spiced Chocolate cupcakes

Pumpkin cupcakes                       Carrot cupcakes                                      Devil’s Food cupcakes

Price - Mini - 15/- onwards 

            Medium - 35/- onwards

            Large - 50/- onwards 

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