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The cookie is the undisputed king of the biscuit family. Every baker worth his flour is capable of making a good cookie. But why settle for ‘good’ when you have access to ‘delicious’? The Paagal Khana cookie is easily one of the best offerings from our bakery oven and we make them gooey, chewy, crispy or crunchy, just as per your palate.

Because who could say no to a cookie:

Butter cookies                            


Chocolate-dipped Butter cookies

PolvoronesVelvet cookies        


Chocolate Chip cookies

Double Chocolate chip cookies


Velvet Chocolate chip cookies      

Oatmeal & Honey cookies          


Almond cookies

Oatmeal & Almond cookies        


Chocolate-Coconut cookies

Chocolate-covered cookies

Price - 25/- Onwards 

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