Classic Cakes

Cakes, from time immemorial have always been the focus of an emotion both rich and celebratory. There is little wonder then that these Paagal Khana delicacies seem decadent, both to the sight and the taste buds. The Paagal Khana range of Classic Cakes are ‘tried and tasted’ recipes that add a sense of sublime to the occasion; they are ordered to adorn. These are flavours familiar to the palate and yet transform you to a world of gastronomic indulgence. Because Classic is how you like it…

Because Classic is how you like it… :

Chocolate cake                              Double Chocolate cake

Oreo Cookie cake                         After 8 cake

Chocolate Chip cake                   Vanilla cake

Strawberry cake                           Mango cake

Red velvet cake                            Fresh Fruit cake

Price - 1100/- per kg onwards

Tea Cakes

Nothing compliments your steaming hot afternoon tea and coffee better than a Paagal Khana speciality Tea Cake. Tea and Cake is almost synonymous with each other across cultures and geographies. Entertain your favourite people on balmy sunny afternoons over long comforting sips of their favourite brew, punctuated by bites of our lavish goodness. Because what is tea… without a tea cake?

Because what is tea… without a tea cake:

Marble cake                                  Caramel Apple Upside-Down cake

Cranberry-Walnut cake             Revani (Greek semolina cake with orange syrup)

Chevron cake roll                        Bolo de Rolo

Chocolate Chip tea cake           Double Chocolate Chip tea cake

Almond cake                               Honey Almond cake

Price - 800/- per kg onward

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