Pies & Tarts


Pies & Tarts

Who says we are all about the cake? If you have a hankering for a flaky, crumbling, buttery pastry to carry your sweet filling of choice, who are we to argue? And of course Paagal Khana pie crusts and fillings are 100% homemade with tender loving care…just like the person who you think is worthy of them.

Because you prefer a tart to the sponge:

Chocolate tart                             Orange-Chocolate tart


Coconut-Chocolate tart         Orange-Coconut-Chocolate tart

Apple Crumble pie                    Rhubarb Crumble pie

Apple pie                                     Crostata di ricotta e marmellata


Carac                                          Butter tart


Salted Caramel tart

Price - Tarts - 50/- Onwards

            Pies - 800/- Onwards

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